finished the fish

it took me long enough but i am finally done and could not be any happier ! 🙂1425559_10151828092636693_71346956_n



My fish project is coming along the way. I have started to practice drawing them on black paper. Once again i drew the fish over and over again to get used to the pencils and molding the fish with the black paper showing through. This is my first project for my Drawing as Design course. Here is an example i was so excited about of one of the fish i drew. I am going to choose this color palette. These prismacolor pencils are becoming my best friend.

Driscus Fish School


This Project Started off with many drawings of the fish itself. I drew so many of them until i came to the point of knowing how to draw them without a reference. This study of the fish has taught me many ways to draw them in different positions. I will post new photos as the project continues. It will be drawn on black paper using Prismacolor pencils. This is going to be an example of Fine Art.